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We are two years old today!

By 6th February 2015August 11th, 2023No Comments

Dear friends, clients, colleagues and peers,

We are two years old today!  It has been a fantastic 2 years and we would like to thank all of our clients for their continuing support. We have been involved in some interesting programmes, helping us firmly establish ourselves as the experts in managing the change associated with technology transformation.

Results: What value does IT deliver to your organisation?

In December we invited you to get involved in our research to establish the perceived value which IT delivers to your organisation. Is it still viewed as an overhead or is it helping our customers create value and advantage over their competitors? How do our customers measure the value of IT when fulfilling the age-old request to reduce costs yet improve service?  Are you communicating  value back to the business? Some of the results were surprising:

  • Only 12% describe IT as contributing to corporate strategic goals – 88% describe IT as a tool enabling operational efficiency;
  • 54% say IT COULD help to win and retain both customers and talented employees but there is no strategy in place around this;
  • 50% say IT project success is measured and then communicated out to stakeholders, so what’s happening in the remaining 50% of organisations?

To be frank – who cares how successful an IT deployment is? You’ve successfully deployed Office 365 and you’ve told people about your success. So what? Will the business care? What does it mean for them? If you could articulate the value of IT in terms of winning more business, quicker time to competency and acquiring the best talent it becomes a strategic consideration.

Using Office 365 as an example – improved collaboration functionality allows bid teams to work on a document simultaneously, enabling quicker completion and reducing the sales cycle – THIS delivers real value to the business.

IT need to be articulating their value in these terms. A well-structured adoption programme will identify business value and outcomes. Both can be achieved by bringing the people impacted by the technology change along the journey. This establishes IT as a strategic contributor – an investment rather than a ‘spend’.

We hope that’s given you some food for thought?

Competition Winner

The winner of the competition is Lee Francis, a case of champagne is winging its way to him. Congratulations Lee.

New Partnership – Online IT Professional training now available!

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Pluralsight who are leaders in online technology training. This enables us to fulfill clients’ training needs on both an end user and IT professional basis.

As always, if anything here has grabbed your attention, do call.

Kind regards

Samantha Kinstrey

+44 (0) 7857 267 200

+44 (0)207 501 2977

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