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The Inform Team sign a 3-year managed IT Training service contract with Mott MacDonald

By 9th November 2013October 10th, 2023No Comments

The Inform Team sign a 3-year managed IT Training service contract with Mott MacDonald

 The Inform Team has signed a 3-year managed service contract with Mott MacDonald to support the consultancy’s global IT Training and strategic objectives relating to new staff and technology. The appointment will provide access to a flexible expert resource, ensuring a consistent approach across Mott MacDonald’s global offices.

The managed service is in partnership with Mott MacDonald’s Learning and Development and IT teams. The Inform Team will act in a consultative capacity, reviewing the Group’s future technology aspirations and defining strategies to guide people through the changes prompted by the introduction of such technology.

To ensure continuity of service, Mott MacDonald’s existing in-house IT training staff will transfer to The Inform Team on 01 November. This dedicated offering will also include administrative and service delivery resources.

The Inform Team will also continue to work with Mott MacDonald to deliver the training associated with its global transformation programme to encourage greater collaborative working. This includes Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 and Lync communications technology. A training pilot demonstrated the value of IT Training through time-efficiency savings and increased levels of employee happiness and confidence.

“We are delighted to have established a strong partnership at such an early point in our relationship with Mott MacDonald,” said Samantha Kinstrey, Director of The Inform Team. “The evolution of our initial contract into a global managed service within five months, cements IT training and the impact of technology on employees as a strategic consideration.”

“This contract enables Mott MacDonald to support the learning and development needs of our staff encouraging them to utilise new technologies and embrace the new ways of working available,” said Carole Teacher, Group Learning and Development manager of Mott MacDonald. “The Inform Team is already rising to the challenges we are giving them and we are looking forward to a truly collaborative partnership.”

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