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Maturity assessment

Your data-driven maturity check

Get a clear view of how your people use, or underuse, Microsoft technology with Inform’s unique maturity assessment.

If you’re trying to reach digital maturity, you need to do more than just take on new technology. Our assessment will tell you how close you are to making process, people and technology move from task-focused work to insight-based delivery.

The assessment gives you essential and actionable insight – and you can use it with our maturity model to transform your organisation.

Being a data-first organisation in 2022 matters

With our maturity assessment you can:

Get data-driven insight
See the true story of how your people have adopted Microsoft 365
Unlock Microsoft 365 analytics to help your people be more effective
Get actionable detail on Microsoft 365 usage and document management

How it works


A free 20-minute call to find out how you can get actionable data from your Microsoft 365 analytics.

A one-hour video call with one of your IT or data team to draw down your anonymised user analytics.

Short interviews with stakeholders to assess your organisation and needs.

We produce your unique report ready for your business case, internal review or benchmarking process.

Book a free consultation

Book a free 20-minute call to find out how you can get actionable data from your Microsoft 365 analytics

Assessing your digital maturity through data

We start with your user analytics, as they’re objective, clear and trackable over time. It takes us less than 30 mins to get the key information and we complement this with a set of short, focused conversations with some of your people. For most organisations, it’s obvious straightaway if you’re using too many systems or your ways of working aren’t as efficient as they should be.

Our insight will give you this clarity and back it up with the behavioural analysis to help you understand why. You’ll also get a set of achievable recommendations that will work with your people and help you meet your strategic goals.

Your unique report gives you an excellent framework for your digital transformation and a starting point to help you reach digital maturity.

Kick start your digital transformation

You can use our maturity assessment to benchmark where you are on a scale of other organisations. Or go further and let our Microsoft and change experts set up the process to move you towards digital maturity using our maturity model.

This focussed support will be essential to your organisational development. We use our 4E’s methodology to move you from simply taking on new functionality to exploiting Microsoft 365 fully. We’ll enable your people to live the Microsoft boost to win back one day per week per user with powerful Microsoft tools and apps. Our support can create a culture of collaboration and help you embrace future functionality – moving swiftly from taking on new technology to maximising its potential.

Seven signs you need a digital assessment

  1. We have too many Teams
  2. I can’t find the right documents in SharePoint
  3. I’m still getting too many emails
  4. I have to wait for data on my business’s performance and what my customers need
  5. We have so many manual processes
  6. I can’t access what I need to do my job
  7. We’re using Microsoft applications but I don’t think we’re doing our work any better

The reality of technology at work*

  • 90% of C-suite executives say their company pays attention to people’s needs when introducing new technology but only 53% of staff say the same
  • 92% of C-suite execs are satisfied their company’s technology helps them make progress on their most important work compared to 68% of staff who say the same*

* Our Status with Tech at Work, PWC research, 2018

Our maturity assessment and maturity model work is driven by data, change management and the intersection of neuroscience and cultural behaviour. You can learn more about how we use the science of change to improve your technology change programmes.