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Digital transformation vs IT transformation

Do you know the difference when it comes to digital transformation vs IT transformation? In just two years the Covid pandemic has turned business upside down. Home working is now widespread, with customers more likely to deal digitally. It’s brought digitalisation from hype to the new normal.

If organisations are to survive and prosper in this new normal, they need to reimagine strategies and operations to unlock future value through digital technology. Harnessing the power of organisational data through AI and automation without losing the confidence and support of the workforce is no easy task!


David Lynam

David Lynam has over 30 years’ experience leading and developing billion-pound transformation programmes in the private and public sectors, most notably in strategic defence.

He specialised in capability planning and acquisition, taking part in several major MOD transformation programmes and providing the thought leadership for the early attempts at digital transformation of the battlefield.

Natasha Bradley

Natasha has worked in the IT industry for over 12 years and has a good understanding of technology and how it can be used to overcome business challenges.

Before joining Inform, Natasha ran a sales and marketing business for five years, delivering services to a range of Microsoft partners in the UK.

Natasha has innovative ideas on how to use technology and is working with several large NHS trusts to introduce new ways of working with Microsoft Teams.

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This event was live on 21 July 2021, 11:30am