Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the foundation of many businesses’ communication and collaboration frameworks but can easily become chaotic without the right governance policies.

Managing an organisation-spanning Microsoft Teams environment is not an easy task due to major governance measures that must be in place to contain sprawl, secure internal data and ensure organisational-wide visibility and efficiency.

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Malcolm Bullock

Malcolm has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years initially as a developer and then Enterprise architect and strategist. Prior to his work at Inform Malcolm spent twenty years working for Microsoft in the UK where he worked with many commercial, third sector and public sector clients helping them to define IT strategies.

In his last years with Microsoft Malcolm worked alongside the UK’s leading IT providers helping them to adapt to cloud computing, and specifically Microsoft 365. It was during this time that Malcolm became a qualified Change Management practitioner. Malcolm now combines his passion for people outcomes, and his knowledge of the Microsoft platform to help Inform’s clients form appropriate strategies, policies, and best practices in the use of Microsoft Teams, and other M365 technologies.

Natasha Bradley

Natasha has worked in the IT industry for over 12 years and has a good understanding of technology and how it can be used to overcome business challenges.

Before joining Inform, Natasha ran a sales and marketing business for five years, delivering services to a range of Microsoft partners in the UK.

Natasha has innovative ideas on how to use technology and is working with several large NHS trusts to introduce new ways of working with Microsoft Teams.

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This event was live on 23 September 2021, 11:00am

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