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We’ve launched a creative agency to support technology change!

By 21st May 2019October 10th, 2023No Comments

In the last year to eighteen months, we’ve experienced a real upsurge in our clients wanting to get creative in telling their story of technology change. We’ve also worked with numerous clients where our remit has purely been to deliver – as a standalone service – communications and creative assets, to tell the story and help users learn the new technology.

To meet demand, our team of communications and creative design consultants has gradually been growing and their service capabilities expanding. And, we’re delighted to announce that this team is now a full-service creative agency, who our clients can procure as a standalone service or as an integrated one, as part of its wider change delivery programme.

Involved throughout the four phases of technology change – Establish, Excite, Equip, Embed our creative agency can:


    • develop the programme brand and vision
    • build and evolve the communications strategy and plan
    • draft and design the programme content for all channels of distribution including digital, display, print and video streaming; and,
    • launch, promote and nurture the programme


The benefit is clients only have one point of contact to engage with, to save them time. And, being on the technology change programme from start to finish means our consultants really get what the client is doing, to give them the best result.

Without sounding boastful, we really believe our agency service is unique and here’s three reasons why…


    1. Our consultants haven’t just been graphic designers or communications experts throughout their careers. On the team we have former IT trainers, IT support managers and change managers. They get how you must speak to people, so they learn stuff and they know what you have to say and do to get people to change. That means our creative output doesn’t just look or sound good, it does the job!
    2. The team has technology in its DNA. Our consultants are industry stalwarts. Having worked in technology organisations, they know how fast-paced the tech world is and how quickly everything changes. They understand technology, know how you should speak about it to make it interesting; and, they keep up to speed with everything new that is going on.
    3. Every member of the team has at least 10 years’ experience and many over 20 years. They’ve been there, tried it, learnt what does and doesn’t work and aren’t afraid to justify why they believe something is a good idea or not! Experience has taught them that the most creative ideas and best outcomes are down to a mix of team working, open discussions, experimenting and sticking to what works.


We’re super excited by our new offering and believe that a creative story really helps employees to connect with the new technology they’re going to be using. If you’d like to find out more about how our creative agency can help you, please get in contact.


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