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What did we learn about Microsoft in January?

By 29th January 2019August 8th, 2022No Comments

We don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk!

Our learning inspiration this month is American author and journalist Leo Buscaglia, who was also known as ‘Dr Love’. He said, “Change is the end result of all true learning.” As change ninjas we couldn’t agree more! To change – and evolve – you need to learn so you understand the ‘why’ to do things differently.

So, what changes did Microsoft make this month to its technology, based on it learning what its consumers want? As Microsoft gurus we trailed the web to find out, so we can share what we learned with you…

  • 2018 saw Microsoft regain its title as the world’s highest value public company for the first time since 2002. Its focus on the cloud, open-source software and cross-service platforms have been cited as the drivers behind its success.
  • In response to the demand for greater security and compliance, two new service bundles will be available with Microsoft Office 365 – ‘Identity and Theft Protection’ and ‘Information and Protection’. These two products will be available from 1st February.
  • As dedicated users of Microsoft Teams we weren’t surprised to learn that it’s on course to be the top business chat app by 2020. Now used by over 20% of organisations, Teams is only second as a chat app to Skype for Business, which of course is gradually being integrated into Teams!
  • Microsoft StaffHub is being replaced by Shifts in Teams, with support for StaffHub ending on 01.10.19. This month, Microsoft announced Shifts has now reached ‘general availability’ status, meaning it’s now ready to be rolled out to Office 365 subscribers. Did you know you can request time off directly from your mobile using the new Shift feature?
  • Coming soon to the Planner app in Microsoft Teams is notifications. We can see how that’s going to help with time management.
  • Another new feature in the pipeline – out of box Flow templates in OneDrive, in Office 365. Nice touch; this will help to crank up our productivity.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 is the most popular operating system, having overtaken its predecessor – Windows 7. It now has 39.2% market share, whereas Windows 7 lags with 36.9%.
  • Microsoft’s ‘Power Platform’ – made up of Power BI, Flow and PowerApps – is being pitted as the big bet of 2019 and beyond. With Microsoft citing that data comes first and will drive everything you do to create a proactive business model, the ‘Power Platform’ will integrate further into Microsoft 365 and its Enterprise Mobility & Security bundle.

And, that’s a wrap for January. Get in touch if you’d like us to feature specific Microsoft news in our monthly Microsoft blog posts.