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What did we learn about Microsoft in October?

By 29th October 2018January 17th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft 365 October 2018 update

We don’t talk the talk…we walk the walk!

The talented musician and actor John Legend was our learning inspiration this month. We really like his motivational quote: ‘Keep learning, listening, growing and experimenting’. We did just that by swotting up on everything that is new about Microsoft, which is a company that doesn’t shy away from experimenting.

Microsoft has launched some seriously hot stuff recently, which really takes collaboration and the virtual world to the next level. Here’s what we learned about Microsoft this month:

  • If you have Microsoft Office 365 and store your documents on OneDrive and SharePoint, they will now AutoSave. Meaning your documents will be automatically saved every few seconds. Good-bye Ctrl + S!
  • Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn is beginning to integrate. So, in an Outlook Calendar Meeting Invite you can learn more about an attendee as some of their LinkedIn profile will show in the invite. What a conversation ice-breaker! Did you know if you’re using Microsoft Office 365 and are on LinkedIn you can co-author Office 365 documents with your LinkedIn connections? Taking collaboration to a whole new level! Find out more.
  • You can now record your meetings in Microsoft Teams, so people who miss out can playback the recorded content anytime. To save time you can pull up the transcript and search keywords according to what you want to hear about.
  • If you’re on a video call in Microsoft Teams you can now blur your background. Click on the fourth icon along called ‘my options’ with the three dots (…) then click on ‘Blur my background’. Simple!
  • You now have greater control over who attends your meetings in your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Calendar. If you’re organising the meeting you can choose whether to allow attendees to forward the meeting invite to other people.
  • The main news coming out of Microsoft Ignite was that users are being shifted from Skype for Business online to Teams, confirming Microsoft’s commitment to Teams as the collaboration platform. If you want to hear the round-up of the news at Ignite listen to this podcast.
  • Are you an Excel and Word feature geek? Then you’ll enjoy reading these reviews by TechRadar on the latest versions of Excel and Word.

And, that’s a wrap for October. Get in touch if you’d like us to feature specific Microsoft news in our monthly Microsoft blog posts.