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Microsoft 365 and microlearning: Your secret weapon for ROI

By 9th June 2022October 10th, 2023No Comments
woman standing with laptop and a phone with a lighbulb coming out of it resembling our M365 updates service and microlearning

You’ve embraced the cloud, set up the licensing and implemented many of the brilliant ways learning Microsoft 365 skills can transform your people’s everyday tasks. But how are you capitalising on the energy and investment of your digital strategy? Enter microlearning with our Microsoft 365 updates.

Whether you’ve migrated to SharePoint, started using Teams or harnessing the efficiencies of Power Automate, your people need to understand their Microsoft journey is a marathon not a sprint. And the course is altering all the time. To squeeze even more from this metaphor, if you don’t keep your people refreshed regularly, they’re just not going to be able to perform at their best.

The challenge you have is that your people are unlikely to be so thirsty that they’re excitedly checking the complex Microsoft roadmap to chase the latest features. And because Microsoft aren’t always the best at sharing when they’re rolling out their sexy new features, you really need the dedication to go and look.

Regular microlearning is the easy refreshment to keep your people performing.

Targeted, clear information that keeps your people aware of the many changes that Microsoft rolls out and, more importantly, how to apply it in their work. Delivered in such a way that it’s easy to take on – not dull, or crammed full of jargon, or intimidating. Straightforward learning content, accessed when users need, is an easy and cost-effective way to stay up to date with Microsoft 365’s latest functionality.

Microsoft 365 training for organisations

Traditional technology deployment training – which obviously we’re a big fan of – will give you the best of as is technology features and how to apply them. And, hopefully, if the training is as good as that from our trainers (ahem) the features will be relevant to your people’s roles and work objectives. This is why getting good Microsoft 365 training for your organisation is so important – it gives you the foundation you need. Now you need to build on that foundation.

So what are your plans for when the training programme is finished and it’s time to go it alone?

Things are shiny and new and work well at the time but if you keep that same approach for the next few years your people could be missing out on improvements and updates that keep them getting most from their work and staying ahead of efficiencies. What looked great one year, well, 15 years on just doesn’t quite look right.

A picture of three boys when they were children and now they're grown men in the same clothes. Resembling the fact that using the same approach after years doesn't work.
It worked at first, but a few years on and using the same approach doesn’t quite fit…

The simplest route to improve Microsoft 365 skills

Our Microsoft 365 updates service gives you regular video and blog content highlighting the latest features and functionality. And how you might use them. Because it’s, generally, in short form, it’s very consumable and capitalises on the benefits of microlearning.

Microlearning lets your people carry on training without keeping them away from their day job. They can even choose when and where they want to absorb the learning – from the commute to the break between meetings (maybe they’ll have already learnt how to use Viva to ringfence time in their schedule for learning…*).

However they decide to make the training part of their routines, your people can keep building their know how with new skills using our microlearning resources.

Further, the science behind the way our brain retains (and ejects) information really supports the concept of short bursts of learning. Especially the way our team delivers – using their experience and easy manner to connect with how people have been waiting for something to improve or have been frustrated by a function that just wasn’t quite up to scratch. It’s what makes our trainers special – and why we can talk of our expertise in learning and skills.

Even better, because the training covers small changes and improvements, you’re often building on your people’s current awareness and skills. It’s well known that building on prior knowledge increases the chance of new learning to stick. And because you’re not asking people to make big leaps in their understanding, it’s going to be much easier to keep them invested in these clear learning resources.

(Tip: engage your digital champions in helping roll out and engage people in our M365 updates and you can drive learning higher with all sorts of elaboration-based ideas to drive even better results for your people.)

Quote saying '...the science behind the way our brain retains (and ejects) information really supports the concept of short bursts of learning.

How our Microsoft 365 updates service works for you

Our simple solution is a monthly video and blog with a round up of the just-launched Microsoft features and what’s coming soon in the world of Clear and effective, they’re completely user friendly and will help your people learn Microsoft skills without losing time from their day and at lower cost than static training programmes.

Let our team scour the roadmap for the Microsoft functionality that works. Our continual approach helps you keep pace with improvements as they happen. And because it’s got one of The Inform Team’s Microsoft-expert trainers at the helm, you know it’s going to be the quality you can trust.

Something that fits, whatever your organisation’s size

Supporting skills improvement is essential whatever your size of business. If you’re a smaller organisation, the content from our M365 updates service can fill in the gaps of a more expensive training programme. For larger organisations, this integrates smoothly into a formal L&D strategy.

And because you can host the M365 skills content on your LMS as easily as other channels, you’re free to boost our video and blog resources with tags, tracking and reporting to make sure it’s hitting the mark.

Microsoft 365 is changing all the time, make sure you help your people grow with these changes. You can subscribe to Inform’s Microsoft 365 updates as a standalone or as part of our Evergreen service. Get in touch for details.

* If you’re curious about Viva and how you can use its scheduling functionality for headspace and support, watch the last 10 minutes of our Wellbeing – is technology friend or foe? webinar where Mark Thompson gives you some great tips that start to explore Viva

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