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The Inform Team loves to connect people with technology. We help large organisations adopt new tools and ways of working, so everyone can work better and smarter.

But we know new technology can irritate people as it slows them down when they just want to get on with their tasks. To adopt a new way, people must understand why the change is happening and how it benefits them. They also need to know how to change so they can learn and adapt. This is a big job and one we love to take on!

We work with private and public-sector organisations to help them to appropriately land a technology transformation programme with their employees. Through a combination of change management, engagement, communications and training we enable organisations and their employees to embed new ways of working and accelerate the results.

our approach

We get to know an organisation through a short consultation called a Discovery. Then we recommend how to prepare people for the change using our four E’s approach – Establish, Excite, Equip, Embed™.

Establish the plan and foundations that will introduce the new way of working coherently and consistently, so it’s a stable model.

Excite people with a communications and engagement campaign that brings the change to life, so they know what’s in it for them.    

Equip people with the knowledge and skills to use the new technology through a personalised learning programme.

Embed the new way of working so the message sticks. This helps people to break old habits because they understand the benefits.

Our global network of change and engagement experts have all the skills needed to make a change programme succeed. And, because we’re a flexible bunch we can manage the whole programme or just the bits where help is needed.

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