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Set people up for success

Now you’ve invested in new technology, how are you going to keep getting value from the change? We’ve helped clients put a new joiners plan in place to help people learn the ways of working and the principles that sit behind them.

And have you thought about how technology can help you actually deliver the onboarding process? Many organisations think a starters’ plan is just about handing over their device and giving them the password, but this barely scratches the surface.

Cartoon laptop with a checklist for our automated onboarding stage

Automate your onboarding

Why not use your technology change to bring a fuller range of business solutions? You can unlock the automation potential of Microsoft’s Power Platform to create and manage a consistent, efficient and effective new joiner programme. With some focused work upfront, you can create business process flows from appointment through to probation review

  • have confidence that the paperwork and permissions are all in place when new joiners start
  • drive commitment to training, learning and development, and CPD by integrating it into an induction journey
  • mitigate against non-compliance with data protection with flows for governance and permissions

When you use Power Platform for onboarding you expand a new starter process from a training opportunity to complete business efficiency. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s goals for digital transformation.

Cartoon of a presenter showing people their onboarding stages

Focused training as part of onboarding

Commonly, Inform runs multiple face-to-face or virtual sessions for large companies. This means each week there are chances for new joiners to be taken through your ways of working.

This is more than showing them how to use new technology they may not have used before, it’s also making clear how you share data and documents – internally and externally. This is essential to unlock the collaborative power of your technology and your ways of working.

It’s important that onboarding gives people the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’.

How we can support you

  • Develop a bespoke Power Platform onboarding process
  • Group, classroom-based or virtual sessions
  • White-glove, one-to-one sessions
  • Delivered at any location – ideal for global organisations
  • Take-away resources and refreshers to support ongoing learning
  • Booking system and all admin
  • Feedback reporting and measurement
  • Review and update content to reflect business changes

Why you need onboarding

An organisation-wide approach will give you the consistency you need while also incorporating the flexibility to reflect a varied organisation. Well-paced and relevant onboarding means your teams have the chance to understand their individual tasks and how your technology supports them.

It’s essential if you want to truly embed change – and embrace the power of evergreen technology.

When you help new joiners have a seamless journey to your organisation, and show them your ways of working, you give them a sense of belonging to the organisation and boost productivity.