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Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry launch ‘The Inform Team’

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Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry launch ‘The Inform Team’

The Inform Team provide change management consultancy services, focusing on motivating people to embrace change and adopt the technology and processes that support more efficient ways of working.

Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry today announced the launch of Inform Limited, trading as The Inform Team. The Inform Team provides change consultancy services to encourage people to adopt technology and business process, through bespoke training and communications services.

“People are a huge component of any change programme; in order to realise the anticipated benefits of change, it is imperative your people are brought along on the journey and ultimately adopt whatever it is you’re deploying to them,” said Samantha Kinstrey, Director of The Inform Team. “18 years ago, 70% of change programmes failed and that figure is not changing. Some of the reasons attributed to that statistic is due to a lack of audience knowledge, skills, practice and a culture which works against change” [1].

The Inform Team offer a three-tier service which customers can buy in modular format, or as a complete programme:

  1. Before change – helping to inspire a shared vision to enrol employees to participate in the change  initiative.
  2. During change – helping to instill new skills and knowledge to ensure that employees feel ready to deliver in the new world
  3. After change – providing in life support so that new work practices are fully adopted and embedded.


Customers can either completely outsource the provision of training and communications services to The Inform Team, or buy just enough service to support in-house functions and capabilities.

The Inform Team’s route to market will be both direct and with selected IT Services Partners within our alliance programme who can offer Inform’s services as a value-add to differentiate their own offerings. “Many IT services organisations stop at deployment, yet it is in their interest to ensure the adoption of their technology in order that the benefits of the business case are realised” said Emma Henry, joint Director of The Inform Team. “The inclusion of our services is frequently cited as one of the reasons for IT companies being selected for high-profile strategic transformation programmes”.

Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry have worked together for over 16 years and have vast expertise as change agents, delivering adoption services into the healthcare, commercial, technology, media and public sector markets.

For more information contact:


Samantha Kinstrey                                             Emma Henry

07857 267200                                                     07902 931 209          




[1] “Why Transformation efforts fail”, John P. Kotter, Havard Business Review 1995

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