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Creating a client-centric culture: What ‘client focus’ means to Inform

By 10th August 2023October 10th, 2023No Comments
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Take a big breath in…  

We’ve been awarded ‘Most Client-Focused Digital Transformation Management Company 2023’.

It’s quite the wordy accolade, and one we’re incredibly proud to say we’ve received. 

In SME News’ words, the IT awards are ‘given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition’. 

But what this award win truly represents is the foundation The Inform Team was built on – putting people first 

As clichéd as it most definitely sounds, without our clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our journey, growth, and success have been intrinsically tied to the partnerships we’ve forged with our clients, and so we make it our daily mission to proactively make things better for them. 

We play our role as friends, advocates, and independent change management facilitators who bring a fresh perspective. Some clients want us to be hands-on, some want us to provide advice and guidance behind the scenes. Others want a mix of the two. Operating in complex and highly regulated environments means our customers have ever-changing needs, so we need to be fleet-of-foot and at the same time, patient with demands and sensitivities.  

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What does client focus mean? 

To be client-focused is to listen and stay insatiably curious, it’s identifying additional barriers the organisation’s facing (or may face) and interrogating those trends further. This heightened level of proactivity means we can pivot, adapt, and co-create a solution. That’s the value of working together and the reason why clients stay with us. 

"As much as it’s in our human nature to do so, client-focus isn’t always saying yes to every request. It’s more a gentle steer in the right direction when we sense they might be heading down a different, unfavourable path. Clients value that level of honesty, so long as we explain the rationale behind our decisions.

Being client-focused means having shared goals, joint outcomes, and genuinely caring about their people and programmes as much as they do."

Emma HenryCo-founder and Director, The Inform Team

How do we keep the desire to do better for clients? 

It’s instinctive.  

The Inform Team’s made up of experienced individuals who bring ideas and plenty of passion, individuals who are empowered to make meaningful contributions and facilitate progress. Bound by shared values, we’ve a genuine desire to make a difference – but how do we know we’re making a tangible difference? We ask for feedback. 

It’s important we look at how every interaction is helping our client, rather than how it’s helping our own business.

The feedback we receive is our guiding light. It tells us what we’re getting right or how we can make further improvements.  

We also measure client happiness by keeping tabs on our Net Promoter Score™ (NPS), calculated as the percentage of those who would recommend The Inform Team (Promoters) minus the percentage who wouldn’t (Detractors). We’re pleased to say our score’s well-above the ‘consulting’ industry average! 

Whilst NPS serves to rally our people in designing and delivering the right experiences, informal measures are just as important, after all, our clients don’t speak in digits. Client focus involves honest and open dialogue, drawing on valuable insights to be better than we were yesterday. For us, that’s the real ‘win’.  

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