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Establish: Are you building Windsor Castle or a House of Cards?!

By 7th February 2019October 10th, 2023No Comments

How are you going to connect your people to the new technology that your organisation is introducing? Does your plan factor in how you’re going to get everyone working in the new way – both coherently and consistently – to de-risk your technology investment? And, have you thought about how you’re going to get everyone to stick to the new way?

These three questions need robust answers otherwise your technology adoption plan – and programme – will fall-down like a House of Cards. Critical to its success are sturdy foundations, so it holds strong like Windsor Castle, the oldest inhibited castle in the world!

We’ve introduced a new step in our approach called Establish and are now about the four E’s – Establish, Excite, Equip, Embed™. There’s been a growing demand by our clients for us to provide in-depth consultancy around planning and implementing governance, best-practice and champion and ambassador networks to support their technology transformation.

Our Establish step builds the foundations and gives stability to a change programme. What needs to be done so there’s no rocking or swaying like a House of Cards? What activities will plant firm roots in the ground so you’re as robust as Windsor Castle?

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll help you to do during the Establish phase…

  • Determine the governance and best-practice: Data management is becoming increasingly complex and the volume of data that your organisation produces will only grow. Take Microsoft Teams, for example – how do you avoid it becoming the Wild West of data, if there’ no governance? We always tell our clients that it’s easier to prevent a potential problem than cure one. Taking the time to review how your data is managed – both technically and from a policy perspective – and how it will be affected by the change is well worth it. If you know where you’re coming from you can determine where you need to go, so you can build out a controlled governance model. With a governance model in place, you can then lock down what that best-practice looks like for an end-user and communicate with them as to how they need to behave with their data, in the new way.
  • Create personas: Organisations are made up of people with different characters who work in a certain way pending on their job role and demography. The introduction of new technology will impact on this, so it’s critical to map the changes against how they work now and in the future. By developing personas, we’ll help you talk to your people, so they understand and ‘get’ the change, making them more likely to adopt the technology.
  • Build a network model: How do you make your message about the ‘new way’ flow through your organisation? It takes an array of advocates from a cross-segment of audiences to make this happen. We work with you to understand the structure of your organisation; and, then we develop champion, change agents and support networks. It’s these networks that will help to take your message viral and use their influence to help colleagues work in the new way.
  • Produce a delivery plan: Managing the delivery of a technology change programme is no mean feat. We work with our clients to establish the above three elements, which gives us the foundations to build an achievable delivery plan that is underpinned by our other three approaches – Excite, Equip, Embed.

Our goal is to deliver a technology change programme that is as deep-rooted, solid and as memorable as Windsor Castle. Get in touch if you want to chat about how we can do this with you.

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