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Our approach: The 4E’s of digital change management

By 13th April 2023May 13th, 2024No Comments

At The Inform Team, we use our proven methodology to transform your working environment.

Although changing the way you work can be challenging, our unique approach can deliver a technology adoption strategy that puts your people first.

Our 4E’s approach to change management

An illustrated checklist for the establish phase in our four E's change management approach


An illustrated lightbulb for the Excite phase in our four E's change management approach


Illustrated toolkit including a spanner, screwdriver and hammer symbolising the Equip phase in our four E's change management approach.


An illustrated anchor for the Embed phase of our four E's change management approach.


We use a four-step approach to guide your people through effective change. This trademarked 4E’s methodology offers a deceptively simple, people-first framework for effective change.

Establish: Build the foundations

We listen to people across your organization to get to know how people currently work. Then, we work with you to establish a plan that suits your culture and priorities.

Excite: Drive enthusiasm

We drive change through an energetic communications campaign. By bringing your project to life, we can get people engaged, excited, and fully prepared for change.

Equip: Upskill your people

Set people up for success with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need. With our expert learning + skills team, we’ll create a tailored learning package for your programme.

Embed: Change that sticks

Your project doesn’t stop after implementation – so why would we? We work to embed your change at all levels of your team and make effective ways of working business as usual.

Your people are the key to successful change

When rolling out new technology and new ways of working, there’s a lot to think about. From technical specifications to new processes, policies and information architecture. It’s all too easy for communication to get lost in the shuffle, leaving your people behind.

This is where digital transformation fails.

Our people-first approach keeps your people at the very centre of your change project. We listen, learn, and build a strategy that suits your needs.

People relate better to stories than facts. We make sure those stories are personalized, visually appealing and have real impact.

We get people engaged and excited about what’s coming. We’ll create a custom communications plan to deliver the right information at the right time, in a memorable way.

To equip your people with the skills they need to thrive, our learning + skills team can conduct a training needs analysis and create a bespoke skills programme. We work to develop skills, build confidence, and change behaviour to help your people get the most from new technologies.

The Inform Team deliver digital change that puts people first

Our people-first approach shines through in everything we do. Discover our  areas of expertise to find out more about what we do:

Discover our 4E’s approach to digital change

To discover how our 4E’s could help shape your technology change project, please get in touch.

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